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Cranleigh beefs up Wellington presence

Aug 20, 2013

Cranleigh’s three new Wellington directors bring extensive expertise to the company’s health and education teams and add business transformational skills to the mix.

Miles Sheppard (front page), Philippa Bossley (top) and Keith McLea (bottom) have joined Cranleigh from IBS, a consulting company they founded and ran.

Miles works mainly from Cranleigh’s Auckland office, although he has spent half his working life in Wellington, while Philippa and Keith are based in the capital city.

The trio has extensive experience in their specialist fields.

Miles is taking the lead in Cranleigh’s education team. He specialises in helping organisations solve intractable problems, applying a whole systems approach including organizational development and redesign.

“If a company is merging, for example, I don’t become involved in the financial details but become involved after the deal is done is making sure the merger works. Eighty percent of mergers don’t deliver the value expected because implementation has been poor. That is where we can offer immediate help.”

Since 1987 Miles has been working with teams mentoring, coaching and helping in all sphere, particularly now that companies are being asked to looking out 10 to 20 years and have little idea where and how to start.

His primary focus has been helping organisations and the people within them understand the systems of which they are a part and help them to change and develop from within. He also has extensive facilitation skills and the ability to engage multiple parties in the design, realization and sustaining of complex, multi-party strategies across the public and private sectors.

Phillipa Bossley has twenty plus years professional experience in the health sector, personal accident insurance industry and as an adviser.

Philippa’s ability in the development of and implementation of management systems and processes has helped many organisations as has her specific expertise in the areas of organisational development, and service evaluation and review.

Her speciality areas of quality development, operational management and service delivery, have also incorporated provider management, development and negotiation of funding based contracts with service providers throughout the health and disability sector.

A senior and seasoned executive, Keith Mclea has worked across a number of Government ministries providing strategic and policy advice to organisations and their CEOs. He had led large teams and is experienced in providing strategic planning advice.

Keith has spent much of his professional career working in the personal injury insurance and injury prevention sectors. For six years he had overall responsibility for ACC's insurance activities and before this he was in control of ACC’s injury prevention activities.

Keith has expertise in a wide range of occupational health and safety processes and systems, including the development of legislation through to developing and implementing innovative prevention programmes.

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